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Articles for December, 2008

Emergency Safety Alerts Delivered to Inbox with SuretyMail

We’re very proud to have been selected to provide email deliverability services for the company that sends out emergency safety alerts for some of the largest public transportation systems in the country, as well as for several major airports, schools, and even 911 systems.

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Email Industries Flourishing Despite Economic Gloom

I thought that our readers might find this interesting. Last week we put out a press release about how despite the general economic situation here in the U.S., Internet businesses in general, and the email industry in particular, is booming. So many of my colleagues, and our own customers, are so busy that they need to hire just to keep up with the pace and demand!

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Customer Showcase: Jai Siyaram

Jai Siyaram is a charitable institution in India that, among other things, provides a school for children of poverty. Jai Siyaram needed email deliverability assistance with assuring that their newsletters went to the inbox, intead of the spam folder.

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