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Articles for January, 2009

How Does Our Site Look in Your Browser?

We have had two different people tell us that our site is rendering poorly for them – that the left sidebar is blocking the content. Unfortunately, we have been completely unable to reproduce the issue except with someone using Win98.

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An Invitation to Email Deliverability Professionals

We have an invitation for all of your email deliverability professionals. In fact, I announced this yesterday on Twitter, and was asked “What’s an email deliverability professional?” Which is why there is a need for email deliverability forums – a forum specifically for email deliverability professionals.

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Customer Showcase: ID Protect Now Identity Theft Insurance Brokerage

As a broker for identity theft insurance and solutions, ID Protect Now needed an email deliverability partner to ensure that their business email made it to their customers, and wasn’t accidentally trapped by spam filters or sent to the junk folder.

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