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Articles for February, 2009

Study Finds that 75% of Unsubscribes Due to Frequency and Relevancy Issues

It’s always nice when an independent third-party study substantiates what we’ve been saying all along. In this case, a study by Harris Interactive on behalf of Merkle (the database marketing people) has found that between 73 to 75% of people hit “unsubscribe” because either they feel that they are getting email from you too often, or that it is not relevant, or both.

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Sample Feedback Loop Report from Our FBL Reports Service

We’ve had a lot of you ask us for sample reports from our Feedback Loop Reports (FBL Reports) service, so that you can see what the reports look like. In a nutshell, our FBL Reports service monitors all of your feedback loops, so that you don’t have to, and compiles them into an easy-to-read, plain English report for you each day. Here are the sample reports.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Email Deliverability Featured in BtoB Online

I recently had the pleasure of working with journalist Karen Bannen, on an article that she was doing for BtoB Online. Karen interviewed both myself and R. Dave Lewis for the piece, in which she distilled down to their essence 5 ways to improve your email deliverability.

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Best Practices – Not to be Confused with “Common Practices”

There is a meme going around the email marketing industry right now that takes the term “best practices” as it relates to email, and reduces it to “common practices.” This is a very dangerous, slippery slope on which to pin your email deliverability. To suggest that best practices aren’t really best practices, but only ‘common […]

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The ROI for COI (Return on Investment for Confirmed Opt-In)

Many email senders are reluctant to move existings lists to a confirmed opt-in (sometimes called “double opt-in”) model for fear of losing many of their existing users, and reducing the size of their mailing lists. When called upon to confirm or reconfirm a mailing list – say, for example, when moving their mailing list to a new email service provider (ESP) – they balk, and will even go to a second tier ESP that doesn’t require reconfirmation. The reason is always the same: “We don’t want to lose a portion of our users.” But what these senders overlook is that they actually will improve – sometimes dramatically improve – the responsiveness of their mailing lists – and the financial return that they receive from those lists. In fact, we have the email deliverability white paper to prove it.

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Why Postini is Tagging Your Email as Spam – We Help You Find Out

Want to know why Postini is tagging your email as spam, and putting it in their quarantine?

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