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Articles for April, 2009

Free Tool Lets You Check Whether Your Reverse DNS (rDNS) is Set Up Properly

Today I want to let you know about another free resource that we offer to the general public along with our customers: a free tool that allows you to determine whether your reverse DNS (rDNS) is set up properly.

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Not Tracking Opens and CTR Affects Deliverability for Nearly 20% of Email Marketers

The results of a recent survey released by eROI show that a shocking almost 20% of email marketers don’t bother to track their open rates and click-through rates (CTR).

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Our Newest Free Service! Personalized Whitelisting Instructions Generator

What a great way to start the week – getting to announce our newest free service: our personalized whitelisting instructions generator, that creates personalized whitelist instructions that you can link to, include in your mailings, put on your website – whatever you want to do with them! Even email senders experiencing the highest level of […]

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Why You Need an Email Retention and Archiving Policy and What It Should Be

If you either send or receive email in the course of business – and you probably do if you’re reading this – then you need to have a written email archiving and email retention policy. And at least as importantly, you need to follow it. Religiously.

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