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Articles for June, 2009

Definitions and Descriptions of Various Levels of Email Opt-In

We recently had occasion to write down in great deal the exact definitions of the various levels of opt-in when it comes to building email marketing lists or other types of email lists. Because there is some confusion on this, especially where one method of list-building may have more than one name, we thought that we’d share these descriptions and definitions of Confirmed Opt In (COI), Double Opt In, Single Opt In, Opt In, Transactional, and One to One (1 to 1) email with you.

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Tiny Free Browser Add-On Authenticates Email for You!

How many times have you received email that purports to be from a friend, or from someone with whom you do business, only to find out that you nearly got taken in by a fake? We here at ISIPP SuretyMail are offering email users an exciting opportunity to take part in the testing of a new browser add-on that will help to protect you against such spoofing.

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