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Articles for July, 2012

Surge in Spam for the Games

Well, it was bound to happen. As Olympics frenzy ramps-up, so do spammers. Olympic-mania has inspired a fresh crop of spam scams, aimed at parting unsuspecting email recipients with their money. The London 2012 games website has warned against a couple of different scams, including offers of fake tickets to the games and spam emails encouraging recipients to give personal information in exchange for the release of prize winnings.

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Third-largest Botnet Taken Down Thanks to Security Researchers

Grum is the third-largest botnet in the world, sending out about 18 billion spam emails per day. Grum was brought to its virtual knees this week when security researchers put enough pressure on Internet service providers (ISPs) to take Grum’s servers in the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and Panama offline. This shutdown created a massive decrease in the number of Grum IP addresses sending spam, from 120,000 IP addresses, to a little over 21,500.

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Ten Things You Should Know About CAN-SPAM

We throw the term “CAN-SPAM” around a lot, and you may even hear it from time to time when spam makes the news, or when looking at your own email marketing policies. But what exactly is CAN-SPAM and which parts of it are most applicable to you? The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 was signed into […]

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