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Articles for August, 2012

All About Greylisting

We’ve heard a lot about whitelisting and blacklisting, but many are unfamiliar with the term “greylisting” and, to a lesser extent, “rate limiting.” Greylisting and rate limiting are two additional but lesser used methods which some ISPs may employ to attempt to deal with spam and/or a sudden influx of bulk email.

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Customer Showcase: Elastic Email

With one of the more affordable sending solutions for high quality email, Elastic Email helps customers with both their transactional and marketing email needs. Ensuring the highest level of service, Elastic Email provides their customers with a multitude of options including an SMTP API for easy delivery, a REST API for developers to integrate into their applications and websites, and a marketing platform to upload contacts and lists and create beautiful email templates to send directly from the Elastic Email website

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Are Your Welcome Messages Helping You Avoid Getting Marked as Spam?

While we know that there are obvious missteps to avoid when ensuring that your email is not marked as spam, there are some commonly overlooked practices, or lack thereof, that can still cause a legitimate email to be marked as such. One of the biggest mistakes that a well-intentioned organization can make is to not properly manage new subscribers.

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Silverpop Releases Email Marketing Study Results

Email marketing firm Silverpop, released study results about the efficacy of email campaigns. Silverpop took a look at emails that were sent during 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. The email messages analyzed were sent by Silverpop’s clients, by over 1,100 different brands. They looked at several different types of email messages, including transactional messages, promotional emails, content-based newsletters, and notifications. The data that they found pertaining to click-through rates, open rates and unsusubscribe rates were very informative.

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Quick Checklist to Ensure That You are Following Best Sending Practices

We wanted to do a mid-year check-in to remind you to make sure that your emailing practices are staying in tip-top shape, and that your email marketing campaigns were minding their p’s and q’s to ensure maximum deliverability.

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