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Articles for September, 2012

Political Email Formatting and its Affects on Your Deliverability

Did you know that political (and religious) speech is exempt from CAN-SPAM regulations in order to avoid issues of First Amendment violations? Most political emails are formatted in the eye-catching HTML format, and so are now going to be the types of formats that will be frequently flagged by those being spammed by politicians.

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Those Spammers Keep Getting More Clever

We were stunned when we came across an article by Internet Evolution, suggesting email marketers use Paypal’s batch payment function to send mass emails to non-opted-in recipients, with a payment incentive to open the email. The article even states directly, “The sender can simply upload a list of targeted but unknown email addresses and give each a 1 cent payment.”

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How the Presidential Campaign May Adversely Affect Your Email Deliverability

Well, the run for President is continuing to heat up and, like any good campaign strategy, the candidates are integrating email marketing into their overall plan. But did you know that political email has an exemption where politicians can grab email addresses from voter registrations and spam them all they want with immunity? What does this mean for you?

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Always Check Your Reputation and Status as an Email Marketer

The first true marketing email did not arrive until 1978, when a company called DEC (which became part of Compaq, now HP) sent an invitation to the product launch of a new machine to all addresses in the ARPANET directory on the USA’s West Coast. They were heavily criticized for the act, which broke the ARPANET appropriate use policy, and everyone else was reminded of the rule.

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