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Articles for October, 2012

A Simpler Approach to an Email Deliverability Metric

We often talk about the formula for email deliverability: sender reputation + good mailing list hygiene + mindful sending practices = optimum deliverability. Sometimes finding the sweet spot that results in optimum deliverability can seem like an equation that you have to constantly re-adjust, and often it is hearing how others do it that can […]

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Customer Showcase: Target Box

Born from the need for an email platform for marketing professional campaigns, Target Box was initially used internally by an e-commerce company. After gaining experience from the internal model, Target Box was launched as its own entity providing service to other companies.

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New Data Shows a Small Number of Complaints Can Cause Deliverability Issues

Our data suggests that a complaint rate of more than even 1 in 10,000 (.01%) can cause problems. This may happen as a consequence of direct actions by the ISP or as a reflection of something else. You may see issues mainly because you will be reported by recipients in a sustained trend.

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The Importance of Using Real Email Addresses

Today’s deliverability tip comes to you hot-on-the trails of a retail mini-saga that unfolded for me this week with a large, well known online retailer. The saga could have been easily downgraded to a minor glitch, had it not been for the fact that I kept receiving alarming emails, all from “do not reply”. It served as a good reminder that not only can “do not reply” email addresses be incredibly frustrating if some sort of alternate communication option is not provided, but they can also affect your email deliverability!

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Customer Showcase: Impact Analytics

SuretyMail is happy to welcome Impact Analytics as our newest member!

When we asked Tim Kaelin, CEO of Impact Analytics, LLC, to tell us a little about what his business does, he answered simply, “Impact Analytics makes money for online publishers.” Partnered with a nationally known media sales company, Impact Analytics ensure their customers maximize their profits by helping their clients figure out how much content they should send relative to any advertising.

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