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A Simpler Approach to an Email Deliverability Metric

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We often talk about the formula for email deliverability: sender reputation + good mailing list hygiene + mindful sending practices = optimum deliverability.

Sometimes finding the sweet spot that results in optimum deliverability can seem like an equation that you have to constantly re-adjust, and often it is hearing how others do it that can help us see what we may be missing.

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We were pleased to have read this week’s Circle ID article, “A Simpler Approach to an Email Deliverability Metric,” not only because it was authored by expert and colleague in the field of email deliverability, Luis Munoz, but because it offers such a frank approach to understanding just how to find that sweet spot.

We invite you to read Luis’ article to gain an enhanced understanding of how to best manage your email deliverability:

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This article originally written on October 19, 2012, and is as relevant now as when it was first written.