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Getting Email Delivered – The Email Deliverability Blog is written by Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.. Anne is an attorney and law professor, and a noted Internet policy expert, as well as an acknowledged expert on email deliverability. She has been involved in Internet public policy and email deliverability since 1998.

Currently the CEO and President of the Internet policy institute and think tank ISIPP, providers of SuretyMail Email Accreditation, she was formerly an original founder of Habeas, and before that in-house counsel for the first anti-spam organization, MAPS.

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It is through these positions that she has filled, and roles that she has played, that Anne has forged solid, trusted relationships with ISPs and spam filters around the world, and what accounts for the huge success of ISIPP’s SuretyMail Email Accreditation program. Because of Anne’s personal touch, email receivers the world over trust ISIPP’s SuretyMail, because they know that email accredited through SuretyMail is sure to be email that is legitimate email that should be delivered to the inbox. This is because of Anne’s unique position in the industry – understanding and protecting the interests of the ISPs and spam filters, while also understanding the needs of legitimate business emailers.

Among her other accomplisments, Anne has taught Internet law at Lincoln Law School of San Jose, and assisted Senator John McCain’s office by authoring the language of the McCain amendment to CAN-SPAM. In addition to running ISIPP and the SuretyMail Email Accreditation service, she currently consults to both the public and private sector on email deliverability and policies.

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