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Changes to Road Runner Feedback Loop Program Announced

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We recently received notice of changes to the Road Runner feedback loop program. These change will affect anyone who is currently receiving the Road Runner feedback loop, as well as anyone who applies for the Road Runner feedback loop program in the future.

It sounds as if our friends at Road Runner are going to revamp their feeback loop into something spiffy!

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This announcement is reprinted with the permission of Road Runner:

“Road Runner has reached a point with our Feedback Loop where its design
and implementation are not providing a satisfactory ROI for us or our
customers, nor are we providing to enrolled senders all the information
necessary to make the FBL most useful to them. We have come to the
conclusion that changes are necessary, and we’re going to make them. When
we’re done, we’re confident that our FBL will be one of the best out there,
with a more formal enrollment process, a Terms of Service that will better
define the program for enrolled parties, and an opportunity for senders to
get the data they really need to best manage their ability to get mail to
Road Runner customers.

The key dates for this effort are as follows:

* August 28, 2008, 5PM US/EDT – The existing Road Runner FBL will
be frozen, and no new enrollments or additions to or modifcations
of existing enrollments will be accepted after that time. Reports
will continue to be sent to enrolled parties after that date.

* November 17, 2008 (tentative) – The new Feedback Loop goes live,
and everyone wishing to be part of our feedback loop will have to
re-enroll beginning on that date.

* December 31, 2008 (tentative) – The old Feedback Loop ceases to exist.

Much more information about this migration is available here:

Bookmark that page, and check it from time to time for any new information
that we might have published. We’ll also send periodic notifications from
time to time letting you know our progress.

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