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Customer Showcase: eContacting

This information is provided by SuretyMail Email Reputation Certification, getting email to the inbox for businesses of all sizes since 2003, guaranteed! For more information contact us here, or get started today here.

SuretyMail is pleased to welcome our newest customer: eContacting!  eContacting facilitates the connection between small businesses, associations and individuals with their customers, clients and members by helping them create professional newsletters online quickly and easily.

Looking to increase their delivery rate, eContacting contacted SuretyMail.  Although it was our industry reputation that led eContacting to choose SuretyMail, our great pricing was also a deciding factor.

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eContacting is a permission based emailer and maintaining that policy is important.  Says Manager Donna Schultze, “ helps people get their messages to their opt-in email lists.”  Schultze goes on to say, “SuretyMail helps us get our customer’s messages into the inbox of their opt-in subscribers.”

SuretyMail maintains the highest of standards and we are always happy to work with other businesses to help them achieve and maintain the same.

Welcome eContacting!

This information is provided by ISIPP SuretyMail Email Reputation Certification, the only email reputation certification and deliverability assistance service with a money-back guarantee! For more information contact us here, or get started here.

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This article originally written on September 8, 2011, and is as relevant now as when it was first written.