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Customer Showcase: InvestorDigs and InvestorLoft


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This information provided by ISIPP SuretyMail Email Reputation Certification. The only email reputation and deliverability service with a money-back guarantee!

InvestorDigs runs the InvestorLoft service, which caters to real estate investors. InvestorLoft is unique in that it allows real estate investors to search by any of equity, cash flow, or cap rate.

Legitimate email that relates to the real estate industry is often mis-identified as “spam”, and so those working within the real estate industry often have email delivery problems. As such, InvestorDigs turned to our SuretyMail solution to help ensure that their InvestorLoft email gets to the inbox.

Fred Heigold, CTO of InvestorDigs, explains that “ is a website that provides a unique search engine primarily for real estate investors, to allow them to search properties by estimated equity, cash flow or cap rate. also offers services for real estate agents and other real estate industry professionals to refer their clients, and become a permanent sponsor on the site for the clients they invite. In addition there are many informational articles and other resources for real estate investors and professionals.

We had lots of reports of people not getting our emails. Also through testing with a number of seed addresses at major email providers like Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and the like, frequently the email would go into the spam folder, and sometimes the email would never be delivered!”

Fred explains that several factors lead them to choosing SuretyMail when they were evaluating email deliverability services. These included “The low price compared to other providers that do similar services, the list of clients and ESP’s SuretyMail serves is impressive, and that the CEO/president was a founder of Habeas says a lot.”

He goes on to say that SuretyMail support “has been very good as we went through the process of accreditation, and they respond quickly to questions.” And he cautions that prospective SuretyMail customers should “Make sure you get your system CAN-SPAM compliant and have thorough unsubscribe functions built into your email system before you apply for accreditation! (But the support staff is very helpful in pointing out what you will need to do to get approved, and helping to work through internal business processes to figure out the best solution).”

Also, Fred would like you to know of InvestorLoft, that “We think we are the best site around in our industry for finding investment property. We guarantee there are no other property search tools like ours on the market today!”

You can visit InvestorLoft here.

This information provided by ISIPP SuretyMail Email Certification. The only email reputation and deliverability service with a money-back guarantee!

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This article originally written on March 3, 2009, and is as relevant now as when it was first written.