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Customer Showcase: Target Box

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SuretyMail is delighted to welcome Target Box as our newest member.

Born from the need for an email platform for marketing professional campaigns, Target Box was initially used internally by an e-commerce company.  After gaining experience from the internal model, Target Box was launched as its own entity providing service to other companies.

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As a Brazilian company, Target Box struggled with a larger percentage of their legitimate emails being mistaken for spam.  Frustrated by the sensitive Brazilian spam filters and interested in improving their open rates, Target Box sought out email accreditation.  Says Ricardo Giacomini, co-owner and system analyst for Target Box, “credibility, affordable prices and the money back guarantee” led them to SuretyMail.

We’re glad to be of assistance.  Welcome, Target Box!

This information is provided by ISIPP SuretyMail Email Reputation Certification, the only email reputation certification and deliverability assistance service with a money-back guarantee! For more information contact us here, or get started here.

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This article originally written on October 15, 2012, and is as relevant now as when it was first written.