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Delivery Killing Word of the Day: Debt

Here’s a word that is guaranteed to kill your email deliverability rate: debt.

There is so much spam out there talking about debt, that the spam filters are eating just about anything featuring the word, especially in the subject line.

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In just the past eighteen hours, in just our own corner of the Internet, we’ve seen spam with the subject lines:

debt consolidation com
christian debt relief
lower debt
get out of debt quick
non profit debt
debt consolidation secured loan
world bank det
how to get out of debt quick
debt consolidation toronto
bad credit debt
reduce debt
debt calculator
the best way to get out of debt
credit debt consolidation
get rid of debt
to get out of debt
get out of debt fast
debt solutions
debt buster
debt settlement programs
debt agencies
debt consolidators
debt consolidation ageny
gdp debt
paying off debt
colorado debt consolidation
debt consolidation advice
poor credit debt consolidation loan
how to get out of debt quick
debt consolidation leads
the best way to get out of date
how to get out of debt

More than thirty variations of spam with the word “debt”, and that’s just in the subject line.

Now, the glut of debt spam is almost certainly in response to the dire state of the U.S. econony, and world events, right now.

But what it means is that for now, at least, the word “debt” is one that you should strike from your email vocabulary.

By the way, I am off at another conference this week, and then running the Boulder Business Retreat next week, so our posting schedule may be somewhat reduced for the next week or so.

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This article originally written on May 11, 2016, and is as relevant now as when it was first written.