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How Does Our Site Look in Your Browser?

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Dear Getting Email Delivered Readers,

We have had two different people tell us that our site is rendering poorly for them – that the left sidebar is blocking the content. Unfortunately, we have been completely unable to reproduce the issue except with someone using Win98.

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Further, we have been unable to determine what could be causing this – in part because none of us are running Win98 so we can’t see the issue to start with.

If this is a problem for people running somewhat more updated versions of their OS of choice, we of course want to fix this; but before we do something drastic like, say, spending hours analyzing the css, or completely changing the site, we want to know just how much of a problem (if at all) this is.

So, how does our site look in your browser?

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    I have that problem occasionally and finally figured out that because of my eyesight I like to “zoom in” on some webpages that have tiny fonts. If the setting remains “zoomed in” on the next webpage, then sometimes the webpage is too large to fit the entire screen, then columms start to overlap. I can fix it as soon as I “zoom out” of the screen to make it fit the page. So perhaps it is an individual setting on the viewer’s monitor screen or viewing screen, rather than a problem on your end.

  • We use Internet Explorer at work and I’m unable to view your site properly – the left sidebar blocks the content every time.

  • Your site looks great in all the browsers I use, IE 8, Firefox and Chrome. Keep up the good work. I wouldn’t bother trying to address Windows 98 issues. It would be cheaper to by the complainer an upgrade to a newer OS.

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This article originally written on January 29, 2009, and is as relevant now as when it was first written.